UAA Student Section

The Alaska Chapter of the ASSE has an extremely active UAA, ASSE Student Section. The student members are part of the University of Alaska Anchorage and Kenai Peninsula College Occupational Safety and Health Program and are very proud of their involvement in the Alaskan safety community. Typical involvement in activities and safety functions each year are such things as:

  • attending the ASSE Leadership Conferences each year in Chicago
  • attending the Anchorage, AK ASSE Professional Development Luncheons
  • assisting with the AK ASSE Safety Summit
  • working as Conference Attendants with the AK Governor’s Health and Safety Conferences
  • and, working with AK ASSE Safety Poster Contest with local Anchorage Elementary and Middle School kids

As anyone can readily see, our AK ASSE Student section members are “involved” and by being involved it benefits everyone’s future and the future of safety in Alaska. We are exceedingly proud of our UAA AK ASSE Student Section Members.